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Interested in making a film with us? EFV is a good fit for you if:


  • You are an artist interested to work with time-based media (film, video, digital, etc). You want to try a new idea, work in the short film format (3-5 minutes)with a selected group of fellow artists and dancers from all over the world and an international team of production artists to challenge and support your process.

  • No, you don't have to make a "dance film" and no you don't have to know how to dance or choreograph. The idea is to work with educated bodies and really look at movement, both of the camera, the space and the subjects. Dancers and choreographers may particularly enjoy this but we have found that so do artists from all disciplines because movement is kind of important to every art form.

  • You don't have to be a filmmaker to make a film at EFV. In fact, we curate the filmmaking artists each year to make sure we have a good mix of high-level artists coming from across disciplinary boundaries.

  • If you are not a filmmaker, then you should be pretty accomplished and at a professional level in your artistic discipline.

  • It helps to know how to work a camera and edit but we are ready with talented artists who can support you in your process and assist.

  • You are ready to spend two weeks living, working and creating in a beautiful beach town on Virginia's Eastern Shore in the company of other eclectic, multi-disciplinary artists.


Experimental Film Virginia is a professional artist residency designed to trigger new perspectives in the creative process of screen-based work. It is designed for artists interested in time-based media: sound designers, choreographers, directors, filmmakers, visual artists, dancers, musicians, composers and any discipline that deals with the marriage of time, space, color, composition, sound and location. 


We invite you to spend two weeks enriching your creative process and conceptual ability to look specifically at the intersection of sound, movement, and location on the screen.  This workshop merges dance for camera with cinema and site specific peformance as a “creative playground” for those interested in making work that exists for the screen and comes from movement. This can include Dance for the Camera, Video Dance, Screendance as a genre. We are bringing dance out to other domains and want people not always used to working with dance to get a chance to play, create and make a film with educated bodies.  


The residency is built for and around the Filmmakers who will each make a film during the two weeks. There is a limit for 15 films each year. EFV brings together guest mentors, advisors, colleagues, collaborators, equipment, technical and artistic production, performers, location scouting, permission assistance, access to costumes, props and resources, and shared artist housing in beautiful beach-town homes. We bring together the best ingredients possible in an idyllic setting and let you cook up a film inspired by all of the above. 


As you probably know, making a film independently can be expensive and tricky. We have calculated that the actual cost value of the EFV experience for each filmmaker is $10,000. Thanks to our generous sponsors and the fact that we share resources each artist is responsible for a $2500 fee. This fee is sometimes covered by specific sponsors for specific artists. Filmmakers are encouraged to apply for grants, sponsorships or they may cover this cost out-of-pocket. 


EFV cannot provide transportation. Cape Charles is located in a remote, small town on the Chesapeake Bay. A car or Uber (yay Uber!) is necessary in order to arrive from the airport, train, or bus station. Once you are here, a car is convenient but not essential. It is very easy to rent a car at the airport.







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