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Renata Sheppard, Artistic Director, USA/ITALy


Renata Sheppard is the founder of Experimental Film Virginia. She is a transnational artist, scholar, curator and collaborator; a researcher who investigates the intersection of arts, humanities and digital technologies. A dual citizen of Italy and the USA, she currently resides in Seoul, South Korea, a visiting artist and Professor at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts with a Biology Minor and an MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography. She obtained her CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) from New York's Laban Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies on a full scholarship. Creating and directing EFV is a metaphor and extension of her artistic and humanitarian philosophy: to create projects, situations, and events that value  and integrate different modes of thinking, problem solving and creativity, where her collaborators are valued for their area of research and specialization without being limited to one discipline or type of task. She believes that artists, especially dance artists who have trained and studied the



function and expression of the body, have a tremendous skill set that is transferrable across domain. It is with this mentality that Renata has found international opportunities as a Fulbright Scholar, Henry Luce Scholar, Culture Hub New York artist, Bogliasco Fellow, US Embassy Research Grantee, and Kate Neal Kinley Fellow with commissioned projects and awards for her unique, experimental, and innovative approach to making dances both live and on screen, planning and designing events, and collaborating on research projects in computer science fields of HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction), Distributed Performance, and Interactive Design.


Although born in Italy, she grew up in Virginia and calls it one of her "homes". She is honored and inspired to bring EFV to Cape Charles and cherishes every moment she has on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

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