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Paolo Armao - Sound Design Faculty / Workshop Manager

My fascination with sound design began with a high school reading of the futurist manifesto the “Art of Noises”. Rather than technical gobbledygook, this essay opened my eyes, or ears, rather, to the idea of crafting the sound experience to fit the modern sonic palette. Sound experience is a reflection of the world in which we live, or a way at least, to play with our perception of it. Sound recorder in hand on a daily basis, I constantly add to my personal sound library, and finding the perfect sound to bring an onscreen action to life is the ultimate satisfaction.


My approach to design for sound encompasses the total experience: in my work, it is a function of physics, mathematics, and psychology. It is based in reality, has rules and formulas, but requires interpretation and imagination. My work extends across a spectrum of visual media, from feature films to interactive performance and now video games. 

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