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Lorenzo Minoli, Emmy Award-Winning Producer & Entrepreneur

Guest of Honor 2014, 2015

This year, Experimental Film Virginia has a very special guest of honor returning.  Emmy-award-winning producer and international filmmaker Lorenzo Minoli will join us for an art-soaked weekend on August 15-17th at the Harbor for the Arts Festival.  He will share his thoughts on production during a special lecture on August 16th and be a guest of honor at the Premiere of Experimental Film Virginia. With his work as an international filmmaker, an Emmy award for his TV-miniseries, and a home-grown project called Gypsy Movies, Mr. Minoli brings his artistic eye, entrepenerial mind, and 30 years of experience in the film industry to our group of filmmakers at the workshop as well as the town of Cape Charles.


Born and raised in Italy, Mr. Minoli has been an international film producer for the past fifteen years. He began his career in print journalism and then turned to documentary films, his most ambitious project being "The Caravan of Columbus" which aired over multiple evenings on Italian prime-time television. Mr. Minoli's interest in international projects has been evident since a 1989 documentary project with Soviet and American partners. Shot "The Caravan of Columbus" was the most extensive, in-depth look at the Soviet Union on the brink of monumental change.  Mr. Minoli discovered a picture was worth a thousand words and the footage told the story told the story with poignant accuracy.


In 1993 Mr. Minoli became producer of a Bible Series Bible Series that raised the bar for what had previously been considered "event programming" and won many nominations and awards along the way, including  JOSEPH's 1995 Emmy Award for Best Miniseries.  Mr. Minoli was instrumental in securing critical U.S. financing and distribution for that multi-film project as well as finding worldwide broadcast partners for the series. One of the most expensive and ambitious television projects of all time, the Bible Series was the model of a successful international co-production and featured Academy-award caliber talent such as Ben Kingsley, Barbara Hershey, Max von Sydow, Richard Harris, Martin Landau, F. Murray Abraham--to name just a few of the hundreds of actors who contributed to the films' quality. Over the course of six years, at a production facility in Morocco constructed especially for the project, artisans, tailors, leather workers, painters, upholsters and craftsmen of all trades worked year round to bring authenticity and beauty to the sets of the nine films. 

Having thus established himself with the international film community, Mr. Minoli extended his producing into important issue of organ donation (NICHOLAS' GIFT); epic storytelling (CAESAR); the New Testament (JESUS); and a biography of the complex man who would become John Paul II (HAVE NO FEAR). With each new project Mr. Minoli brought his extensive experience and international perspective, producing quality programming while always maintaining a keen eye towards the bottom line.


Through his son's production house, "Flying Dutchman", a project called GypsyMovies resonates with Harbor for the Art's creative placemaking mission and the Our Town project of Harbor for the Arts.  GypsyMovies, a project initiated by Stefano Minoli, with the help of Lorenzo Minoli and Paolo Bernardini,  is a traveling cinema that seats 99 people and can be set up in 20 minutes. The idea behind this project is to bring the cinema to far-reaching  places througout Italy where cinema and the arts wouldn't normally find a chance to be screened.  In the last two years, several towns in Italy have been severely affected by earthquakes and they were able to bring their traveling cinema truck and an evening of escape to a very grateful audience.  The GypsyMovie truck was able to transform a piazza and bring it to live with the cinema just as we are bringing to life the places and spaces around Cape Charles with Harbor for the Arts.


August 16th will be a very special day for Harbor for the Arts.  Join us at 11 am for a special discussion with Lorenzo Minoli and Experimental Film Virginia Guest Mentor Noémie Lafrance.  At 7:30 pm the Experimental Film Virginia Premiere will showcase the 13 films made by filmmakers from all over the world during the last two weeks on location here in Cape Charles.  The arts are certainly moving--and trucks seem to be the vehicle of choice; stay with us on August 16th after the Premiere as another truck comes to life with recent Guggenheim Fellows, Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer who will present a live, interactive dance, "Truck", in a U-haul during the Experiencia Bayamo Caribbean Dance Party at the Cape Charles Yacht Center.  Yes, the spaces and places of Cape Charles are certainly brimming with arts and artists.


Join us and welcome back to Cape Charles, Virginia.


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