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Searching for a Program Manager


Job Description

Program Manager (Creative Administration)



What is Experimental Film Virginia?

Experimental Film Virginia is based on creative place-making strategies which include collaboration between public, private, government, non-profit and community sectors on a local, regional, national and international level. With seed funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, in 2013 and 2014, EFV captured the energy, vitality, sense of place and celebrated diversity and cross-cultural collaboration with artists from Italy to Lebanon to Taiwan who spent 2 intense weeks making short experimental, dance-inspired films honoring the unique, rural peninsula landscape of Virginia's Eastern Shore. EFV is an arts-supports-business entrepreneurial model that uses the arts to boost seasonal tourism in unique small towns where local businesses struggle to thrive. Our "Small Town. Big Art." campaign showcases the charm of our historic town's culture, Victorian homes, dining and beach life and is becoming a model program for other towns across the globe.


It's happening again this summer in Cape Charles, Virginia:  an incredible, intense art-soaked festival on Virginia’s Eastern Shore July 1-12, 2015 with artists coming from around the world to participate.


What Happens during EFV?

Our 2 main events open to the public:

Art in a Barn, July 5, 2015 where we transform a vintage space into an evening of dance, music, projection, good food and drink for the perfect summer night and the 


… Meanwhile, 10 filmmakers will be starting from scratch to create, produce, and edit 10 new, short films.


Film Night, July 11, 2015 when we screen the films at the Historic Palace Theatre followed by a huge bash with dancing and music



May and June (training-we will start bringing you into the big picture, sending you info, cc’ing on emails so you get to know the lay of the land)

June 23/24 Arrival—June 30 Pre-Festival Planning

July 1-12 Festival

Arrive June 23 or 24, Depart July 12


Job Description:

The EFV program consists of a Core Team that works very closely together. The Program Manager/Administrator will work very closely with the Artistic Director and the Creative Directors. We are looking for an artist who is creative, proactive, likes being in the thick of an intense but fun process. We literally produce create a site specific evening of performance in 5 days and then produce 10 films in one week and have a huge film screening and party to cap it all off. The core team ranges from age 32 to 65 from various artistic backgrounds and experiences. We need someone who is going to dive in and get involved, who likes people, managing events, managing details, tracking process, collecting and managing data, and can handle making some spreadsheets, making some well-spoken calls, and can help be the “face” and point of contact for our very cool program. We look forward to meeting you.


Tasks include:

-Ability to work independently yet participate in the department’s overall administrative requirements as a collaborative team player, collaborating with others on all aspects of event planning and implementation; the Core Team works very closely but each member must take initiative and have a very proactive attitude

-Strong project management experience especially if film related

-Solid, successful experience in project administration, including overseeing budgets

-Processing payment of event-related expenses, artist, dancer honorariums

-Collecting sponsorships and payments from Interns, Artists, and organizations

-Strong computer and graphic design skills (Mac platform, Microsoft Word, Excel, PhotoShop, Adobe, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional)

-Demonstrated leadership skills

-Excellent interaction and communication skills (oral and written). 

-Some writing to solicit news spots, articles, website updates, etc, outreach, digital/social/mobile media maintenance, as well as collaborating with advertisers and sponsors

- Excellent organizational and communication skills

-Strong design background; graphic arts skills, design, layout with preference if one has proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, iWork and MS Office or similar software

•Excellent, professional, interpersonal skills and sense of humor

•Knowledge of creative place-making strategies/concept is a plus

•Knowledge of fundraising techniques and sources


The Program Manager will manage daily operations during the festival period (June 27-July 12). Assists with audience research and develops creative briefs and design concepts to meet business objectives (tracking the festival’s success for future grant-writing). Administration of programmatic activities includes serving as the primary point of contact during the festival period (June 22-July 12) for all potential participants, artists, and Interns; preparing programmatic event materials (prepping documents for production process, welcome packets for artists, etc); processing payments, managing budgets; and managing ongoing correspondence with all participants and sponsors (for example, creating the email list serve in gmail to send out production schedules).


The Program Manager will also help maintain Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and Mailchimp although contents will be developed in collaboration with others. Especially during festival dates it is important to manage social media, call reporters, newspapers, news channels, etc, trying to get the word out during that final last week before things start (June 22-June 30 is prep time).


The job requires excellent analytical and communications skills and financial reporting is an important element of this position. Some statistical skills would be really helpful too. It would be swell if we could collect some data about our social media performance, collect some audience feedback forms, collect some data from local business about the event to be used for future grant applications. 


Preferred Requirements: having an artist background is great but not essential, having a degree or a degree-in-process for Arts Management (Masters), some type of administrative Fine Arts position; prior experience coordinating contractual arrangements with guest artists, staff and faculty; knowledge of and/or experience (academic or professional) with web development, desktop publishing and website management.



We don’t have a lot of money to offer (we will discuss salary—probably in the range of $1000 to $1800) but this is a growing project and we are in the process of making a 3 year plan with huge potential to get some big sponsorships in 2016 and 2017. We are hoping to find our “person” to join the team and be the logic, budgeter, planner, organizer, detailer, micro-manager, social media savvy awesome collaborator. We are all pretty awesome already but the EFV is growing and we need more talented people to join the team!

Housing is provided. And if you arrive by airplane, we will pick you up. It would be great if you arrive by car and have access to your own vehicle. Everything is close, usually walking distance, not more than 2-8 miles distance between sites and events.



-Send a brief (one page) Cover letter introducing yourself

-Send a brief CV/Resume


We will contact you shortly to arrange a Skype chat interview.

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