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Intern Program

Interns will participate in one or more of these categories. Think about your area of study and interest so we can give you tasks that will fit your future study agenda.




Sound Recording







Post Production


Sound Design


Special FX



You know how to:

organize and shoot a film, making/choosing shots, how to storyboard, schedule, and run efficient film shoot, camera expert/DOP, screenwriting and storytelling, strucure/dramaturg, performer (of any discipline), play an instrument, know software such as Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Premier, Avid, After Effects 




Art in a Barn

Behind the Scenes

On Set/Action

Film Premiere

Bayamo After Party



Art in a Barn

Behind the Scenes

On Set/Action

Film Premiere

Bayamo After Party



create a 2 minute trailer

create a 5-10 minute documentary of the event


You know how to:

 organize and shoot a documentary, organizing and collecting the shots you need to tell a story and capture the feeling of an event, a place, high level camera proficiency (still and moving), some interviewing skills, how to capture good audio (low budget style is fine), editing skills, work quickly, independently



Pre Festival

research the location


marketing materials

info/welcome pack

communicating with artists

organize materials

social media


During Festival

Production Management

Master Schedule

Manage Film Schedule

Manage Barn Schedule


"Face" of Festival


Social Media


You know how to:

how to organize events or like to be involved in this way, you are a good leader or like to tell people what to do, like to be in charge of the big picture, public figure/spokesperson or you could also be more behind the scenes and like to organize and make schedules, detail-oriented, manage documents, share with the group, communicate through emails, messages, keeping up with changes managing the schedule making, diplomacy, proactive, problem-solving nature




develop visual

media content,

work with artists to 

realize ideas



interact with location, space, surface, people, performers



rapid prototyping and being quick to implement ideas, finding simple solutions


You know how to:

or really want to learn more about working with location, projectors, kinect, arduino, create visual media and graphic content, already know a little bit about Max/MSP, Pure Data, Processing, Isadora and projection mapping tools, playing with wiimotes, kinects, and phone apps, building things, making things, coming up with cool ideas for how to use a site to involve the public or make a performance, rapid prototyping



Film Production



Creative Administration

Site Specific/

Digital Arts

This Intern Program is a hands-on, real life educational program that allows students to participate actively and creatively under the guidance of the EFV team and in collaboration with the EFV Filmmakers. It is an invaluable experience for interdisciplinary thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.


We offer the EFV program as an educational platform for out-of-the-classroom learning and to enrich the experience for everyone involved in the EFV process from the Production Team to the Filmmakers. It is our belief that a program with such a diverse team will offer the most profound experience for everyone involved. This is why EFV and the satellite events involve a mix of local, national, and international artists, academic faculty, professionals in the field, professional dancers, emerging and established artists and some very accomplished award-winning guests as well as our student Interns. 


The diversity of experience at EFV includes site specific public performance events such as Art in a Barn, the organization, scheduling, and production of multilple films, as well as insight into the creative administration, planning, organization as well as the the ever-important documentation and archiving of the experience. We offer our Interns the opportunity to build their portfolios, gain professional credit and experience, network, create---and have a little fun.


Each participating student is asked to obtain a $500 sponsorship in order to help offset program and housing costs. We are more than happy to work with schools and students to offer a letter of invitation, collaborative agreement or any other official documentation needed. Schools are welcome to apply for additional funding to cover student travel costs, per diems, etc. 



We are very interested in working with you and will make a case-by-case agreement with anyone interested in applying. This is a great opportunity to take on leadership roles, sharpen your resume, and position yourself for a job at EFV post-graduation. 

Interns participate based on the following categories:

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