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EFV introduces a specialized track within the annual festival and filmmaking residency called Experimental Film Virginia (EFV). EFV, established in 2012, is dedicated to experimenting with the short film format on content created, shot and produced on the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore Culture and History Film track will allow EFV to address specific topics that bring documentary filmmakers together with Guest Scholars and the community. In collaboration with the Eastern Shore

Historical Society and selected Guest Scholars, the creation of these short films will become a platform for discussion, community engagement through Conversation Cafes and panel discussions and result in a creatively produced, historically accurate, art films that will capture the circumstance and sentiment of a particular, Eastern Shore topic. The films will be presented at film festivals, screenings, galleries, museums and online with the intention of activating cross-generational interest and participation, especially generation Z and the millennials. The hands-on field work involved in the production of these short films will spark interest in the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Eastern shore, encouraging audiences of all ages to get excited and get involved in the research process itself as well as the history behind it.

Mamma Girl - Interview EFV 2016
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Eastern Shore

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coming in 2017

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