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Open Call for Performers, Sound Designers, Musicians, Composers, and all interested and interesting artists...





The goal of EFV is to offer a truly interdisciplinary playground for screen-based work  This work is about the dynamics and conversation between location, sound, and movement.  This notion of movement comes from the camera itself, which becomes a presence, an actor in the story-telling just as much as  it comes from the actor on the screen or the way an editor splices the composition together.  The uniqueness of a work comes from the movement language  developed, the editing style, the audio world.  The kinesthetic connection to movement on the screen is inherently connected to sound. It is this audio-visual contract that we are so curious to nurture and explore at Experimental Film Virginia. Whether you are a potential performer, a curious sound designer, or a composer with tunes to share, we want to hear from you.

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