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Open Call for Dancers


The dancers who perform in the films made during Experimental Film Virginia are selected for their professionalism, familiarity with dance film, and on-screen potential.  They are invited to spend the full two weeks of the workshop as dancers-in-residence in order to build a rapport with the filmmakers during the first week and then be featured in the films made during the second week. As a dancer-in-residence, responsibilities include: attending specified workshop sessions ( assignments that involve hands-on work for the participants) and participation in film projects (usually between 1 to 3 films).


As a dancer-in-residence, you will: have housing provided, be invited to sponsored Harbor for the Arts social events  (wine and cheese, dinners, etc), complimentary admission to other workshops including the  Gaga Workshop, Interactive Sonic Arts, and others.  Please note that dancers are responsible for their transportation and food.  Arrangements will be made to the best of our ability for an airport pickup when possible.


Although each dancer at EFV is hand selected, we hope you will let us know you are interested in participating this year or in the future.  Please submit your information and we will contact you.

In the Message section, please tell us briefly about yourself and your interest in working with Experimental Film Virginia

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