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Welcome Artists! This is the go-to page for the invited Guest Filmmakers, Dancers-in-Residence, Interns, and Core Team to share information, post documents and keep informed of all the events and schedules happening at EFV. Please check this page frequently throughout the festival.

Daily Class: Teachers Wanted by June 28th


We invite you to teach a movement practice, technique or creative process class during the festival. We will have a daily class from 9 am to 10:15 taught on a rotating basis. Please propose the class you want to teach. A final schedule of classes and teachers will be delivered just before the festival begins. Please make your proposals for classes by June 28th.

Artist Info by June 22nd


We need to collect some info in preparation for the festival regarding communication, equipment, arrivals, departures, and to make sure everything is clear and understood. Please take the time to carefully fill out this form to help us run a smooth event.

General Calendar


This is a general calendar and will be updated and become more detailed as we approach the event. Specific rehearsal, production, and event schedules will be posted as individual documents.

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