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Experimental Film Virginia gathers artists from all over the world to convene on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay with a mission to create new short films inspired by the people and places of historic, small-town America. The group of 40-50 artists gather for an intensive two week process, EFV bridges the space of performance between stage, screen and site, bringing artists from multiple disciplinary backgrounds into the film-making process and offering experienced filmmakers the opportunity to make Virginia their home for a two week experimental process that promises to recalibrate and refresh their creative process.


EFV offers art-soaked weekends to attract friends from near and far to the Eastern Shore for live events. Artists from Virginia and all over the world live and work together and in dialogue with the public, nurturing deep relationships, collaborations and a dialogue and exchange that is imperative to artistic growth.


At EFV, we consider the screen a “playground” and focus on building a narrative of storytelling, composition, rhythm, movement and sound design that reflect the people, place and texture of “now”, offering filmmaking as a universal language for artists from every discipline and a vehicle for collaboration, experimentation and public engagement. 


At EFV, we believe the future of arts sustainability centers around cross-disciplinary approach to arts programming that weaves the arts with business, tourism, economy, location, and people, making the arts and artists an integral part of town planning, development, and community. 



EFV was seeded through a 2012 National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant under Arts Enter Cape Charles, where EFV was born. The EFV workshop and residency is based on creative place-making strategies which include collaboration between public, private, government, non-profit and community sectors on a local, regional, national and international level. With this dynamic network of collaborators the programming, support, and participation in the events surrounding EFV have been full of energy, vitality, and a sense of place. We celebrate diversity and cross-cultural identity. We honor the unique, rural pensinsula landscape which depends on both maritime and agricultural culture and economy. We showcase the charm of our historic town's culture, Victorian homes, dining and beach life to tourists, boosting local economy.



EFV is currently sponsored by a 501c3 organization, Global Exchange Arts Roundtable (GEAR) in collaboration with many local, national and international partners including the Rutter Family Art Foundation, The Chrysler Museum of Art Norfolk, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Work|Release, Israel Embassy Washington DC, Taiwan Ministry of Culture, Hong Kong Arts and Development Council, Virginia Film Office, Arts Enter Cape Charles and many sponsors including McWaters Family Foundation, Priority Auto, Gold Key PHR, Cape Charles Yacht Center, Hotel Cape Charles, Carahsoft Foundation and many others.



The EFV artist residency program is designed to offer a select group of artists a rare and valued retreat-style creative process where they will enjoy the charm and pulse of a vintage American town on Virginia's Chesapeake Bay in the company of fellow artists and supported by the collaborative team of everyone who comes to make Experimental Film Virginia come to life. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where risk-taking, investigation, and exchange can take place inspired by the sights and sounds of Virginia's Eastern Shore. It doesn't hurt to throw in a sunset meditation or plate of fresh oysters from The Oyster Farm, perched on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. 


The environment and structure of EFV is designed to trigger new perspectives in the creative process of screen-based work for artists who work in visual, time-based media: sound designers, choreographers, directors, filmmakers, visual artists, dancers, and musicians, composers and digital arts. The 2016 program has an open call for Resident Artists. 


We invite our artists to look specifically at the intersection of sound, movement, and location on the screen.  The approach we explore at EFV comes from a genre that has many names: dance film, dance for the camera, screen dance, cinedance, video dance, time-based media.  The skill set you will nurture at EFV is applicable across disciplinary boundaries; from cinema to video installation to editing. Whether you are a film director, a camera operator, an editor, or a choreograper, the composition of movement, sound, and location are essential ingredients to making compelling story-telling works. We bring the production values and processes of the sound and dance worlds together through film, offering a unique context for a truly interdisciplinary environment. This workshop will be a supportive and collaborative space where curiosity, experimentation, and novelty are valued as we investigate different approaches to the creative process of making screen-based work. It is not a typical cinematic production pipeline and is somewhere between a 48 hour film festival and an independent filmmaking process.  


Every summer for two weeks and three art-soaked weekends, we shake things up in and around the town with visiting international and local artists collaborating on short-format films inspired by the language of dance. There are two main, public events in addition to the residency: Art in a Barn and the Film Premiere. Additionally, we collaborate with many local organizations and business to create satellite workshops, events and educational and professional opportunities. 


The films produced at the residency are added to a growing collection of unique films, each one a snapshot and archive of an ever-changing landscape of historic places, abandoned sites, and the natural beauty of Virginia's Eastern Shore. We would love to bring the films to you, please inquire at