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Films that Move

These films have been created in and around Cape Charles in the last 12 days by our invited filmmakers from all over the world. Enjoy the screening.


What Higher Ground?
Silken Kelly

This film is about constantly climbing to reach a place you believe you need to get to in order to be happy or successful. But once you get there, are you truly satisfied? Do you still feel the need to keep climbing? What is enough?

Golden Gates
Neaz Kohani

Golden Gates was inspired by the revolutionary acts of the brave women and people of Iran who are standing up to fight for freedom. It is a prayer. A prayer that all those who have been severed from their lands, their loved ones, and their own selves can find their way back home. Zan. Zendegi. Azadi.


We tend to move too fast through life. How about learning to relax and move so slow we could hear ourselves living?

Long Distance

Serendipities of meeting points. Absence and dissolving. Being and memories. Love and life.

Fistful of Love
Alex Swader

Fistful of Love invites the viewer to witness three versions of one persons reality. Two characters interact in these altering realities which demonstrates how one person’s life or history can drastically change the outcome of those realities. The film asks how we cope with altering circumstances in our lives and how our coping affects the people around us.

Hard Love
Ned Farr

"A short film about creative partners who are no longer romantic partners, set to the song HARD LOVE by Ned Farr & The Good Red Road"


While the Cape was Burning
David Darg

Premiering the teaser for an exciting feature film in production on the Eastern Shore, inspired by true events of an infamous local woman with a layered past and a penchant for danger.

Alex Forge

“Rise” is about the conflict between our spiritual self and social self. A group of friends assist one another in their rise and falls, their excess and struggles. Eventually one of them cannot get help from the group any longer and has to go on his own journey to heal. 


We keep on moving forward trying to be the best we can be while having struggles, weaknesses, flaws, issues. And through them we carry on, sometimes alone, sometimes with someone.

Nice to Meet Me
Marco Palomino

“Nice to meet me" shows a young man living in agony, running away from himself. He then decides to shake hands with his dark side, get to know himself, fight his demons and find peace.
When we decide to deeply know our dark side it is like giving wings to our shadows and these shadows, these beautiful shadows will guide us to our true light.

Pity the Bathtub
Renata Sheppard

A Films that Move collaborative project premiering the teaser for a multi-year film project featuring an army of men who dive into a movement ritual striving for freedom while the wise women playfully tell their story from the other side.


Thank you for coming

Films that Move, a Virginia Commission of the Arts award-winning “Exemplary Program and Pinnacle Event.” Artists come from Los Angeles, New York, Israel, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Cuba, Columbia, Germany as well as locally throughout the Virginia region.

This year Films that Move is launching a new name with an expanded mission to take their
“small town big art” experience abroad to Italy and Mexico. The original Cape Charles version will remain the home base. The two-week artist residency program focuses on the production of short films where movement is the storytelling language and top dancers bring the films to life with a variety of styles and moods.

The program is open to filmmakers, visual artists, writers, actors, singers, musicians and dancers with opportunities for local talent as well. The residency-festival focuses on making a name for small towns with robust, up and coming art scenes. Past guests have included Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper, up-and-coming Indie filmmaker, Josephine Decker and award-winning Israeli music-video artist, Adi Halfin.

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